Nautilus EZ

Operating Instructions

Nautilus EZ

Underwater Camera System

Please read this manual thoroughly before operating the
unit, and keep it for future reference.

Underwater camera is designed to connect to your TV, VCR, LCD TV or some Digital Video cameras/camcorders with an A/V input.

The underwater camera is ideal for using on your home TV or VCR (when using underwater camera in the pool) or can be used on TV’s found on cruise or dive boats, 12 portable VCR or LCD monitors (with RCA input)

The underwater camera has the following features:
1. The camera equips with 18 LED lights.
2. It can control the rotation of motor within 360 degree,   then transfer it to the center thus it inverses, such action will repeat until you press the button to make it turn to hand-control.

Camera component description


Wire Keyboard
Functions of wire keyboard(PAN CONTROL):(The length of the line is about 750 mm)
Key 1: Automatic / manual switch
Key 2: OSD:Press once, the characters will display on the screen, press again, the character will disappear.
Key 3:SPEED / RIGHT:Under manual mode, press it, the camera will rotate to the right without stop; press again, it will stop rotating. under automatic mode, press once sino-speed, press twice high speed, and press three times low speed. Press more it will cycle.
Key4:LED ON/OFF: press once, the LED are off; press again, the LED are on.
Key5: LEFT/LEFT:under the manual mode, press it, the cameras will rotate to the left without stop; press again, it will stop rotating. under the automatic mode, it is no use.

Note: under the manual mode, press the key 4 and key 2 also can stop the rotating of the camera, press the either key 3 or key 5, the rotating will be realized again.
How to Operate:
After you have connected the cable and the power is getting through. then the initialization process of samples is: all lights are off, no characters. Motor automatically turns left to the center with high speed. Beneath the display, all the lights are on, and then there is an “S” expressing the revolving speed, the depth and the temperature. Motor inverted 360 degrees to the center position, after the inversion, such operation will cycle.

Camera Remote control

Remote control keys

Key 1: power on/off

Key 2: no function in this model

Key 3: not function in this model

Key 4: LED ON/OFF: press once, the LED are off; press again, the LED are on

Key 5: A-B subsection automatic scanning setting key: if you want to see the pictures between A and B repeatedly, under the A/C mode (which is automatically rotated), press A at your desired starting point, then press it again at your desired terminating point B. thus the CAM begins to revolve between A and B and the A/C control Function will be normal until your press the reset button. Once press SPEED and the rotary changes: the screen shows.
S (means the low speed)
SS (means the middle speed)
SSS (means the high speed), these are totally three situations.
(The level scales of rotary angles are: 0 - 365 ° and they can be controlled by hand)

Key 6: Automatic / manual switch
When you turn on the camera, it will be set into A/C auto controlled function. If you press key 5 and it will turn into C. C. W (the revolving counter – clockwise way), press it again it will stop revolving, the operation repeats like this. If you press key 7, it will enter into C. W. (the revolving clockwise way), press it again it will stop revolving. The operation repeats like this.

Key 7: SPEED / RIGHT: Under manual mode, press it, the camera will rotate to the right without stop; press again, it will stop rotating. Under automatic mode, presses once Sino-speed, press twice high speed, and press three times low speed. Press more it will cycle.

Key 8: No In USE (Temp & Depth meter don’t include on this model)

Key 9: RESET return key: Press the key the camera will be in the opening condition.

Key 10: OSD: Press once, the characters will display on the screen, press again, the character will disappear.


Important Information

  1. The camera must not be located under the strong sun directly or any other bright light source as this will not only result in a poor image, but will eventually damage the electronics of the camera.
  2. The camera has been tested waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Any use below this depth will void the camera’s warranty.
  3. Always wash the camera in warm water and soap after using, to remove salt and other corrosive agents.
  4. Always use appropriate water safety precautions when operating the Underwater Camera, and ensure appropriate level of supervision of children when near water.
  5. Be care with the body of the camera, it is easy to scrape, otherwise it will result in a poor image.

Technical Specifications:


     Image Sensor

















-50--200 ℃




1.0VP-P 75Ω


DC 12V






-10--+50 ℃


20 – +60℃



Measurable temperature

-40℃ - +80℃ (accuracy: +/- 2℃)

Measurable depth


Rotary Speed

S: 3º/s,  SS:6.4º/s,  SSS:11.6º/s

G. W.(KG)


N. W.(KG)




1 - Receiving window
2 - AV1/AV2 Switch
3 - Mode Switch
4 - Led control
5 - Menu
6 - Adjustment key –
7 - Adjustment key +
8 - Power
9 - Remote Controller

Remote Controller

1 - Mute
2 - Power
3 - Adjustment key –
4 - Adjustment key +
5 - Menu
6 - SYS Switch
7 - Led control
8 - AV1/ AV2 Switch


Indication of cables connections

1 - Power in (battery, A/C adapter, DC adapter) DC 12V Power input
2 - Video out: video output (red RCA Plug)
3 - Power out 1 (DC 12V to Camera 1) black male plug
4 - Led power out 1(DC 12V led power to camera 1) black female plug
5 - Video in 1: video input camera 1 (yellow)
6 - Power out 2 (DC 12V to Camera 2) black male plug
7 - Led power out 2 (DC 12V led power to camera 2) black female plug
8 - Video in 2: video input camera 2 (yellow)


Packing Contend

  • Remote control (1)
  • A/C 12V 1.25A power adapter (1)
  • Bracket (1)


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Rechargeable Battery cable
  • Car adapter
  • Female to female cable

Technical parameter and functions

Size of screen 7 inch
Color system PAL/NTS
Input voltage CDC12V
Power DC12V inside + and outside –
Receiving channel AV/CAMERA
Power Consumption Less than 7.5W
Display mode 16:9
Contrast 300:1
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Visible angle 65 degree from left to right side
40/65 degree from top to bottom
Resolution 480 (W) x234 (H) RGB = 336960 pixels
Storage temperature 20 ~ 65ºC
Working temperature 10 ~ 50ºC
Dimension 189MM (W) x 122MM(H) x 24MM (D)

Notices and precautions

  • Don’t dismantle this monitor, I you are need of service, please contact customer support
  • Don’t insert any objects into the unit to prevent electric shock or inner parts being short circuit or other dangers, because there is high electric shock.
  • Keep away from strong light while using the unit to obtain the clearest and colorful picture.
  • Avoid heavy impacts and humidity
  • Don’t use chemical solutions to clean the unit, please use soft cloth keep the brightness of the surface
  • if unit needs replacing accessories, please contact customer support. Inappropriate use of accessories will lead to fire, electric shock or other danger.


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