Operating Instructions


Underwater Camera System

Please read this manual thoroughly before operating the
unit, and keep it for future reference.



Thank you for your purchase Panning underwater video system. This system offers multipurpose applications in aquatic environment. Can be best used for sport fishing, search and rescue, treasure hunting, and marine biology research. Or just for play fun, it can offer you a viewing pleasure by showing underwater activities. These suggested applications are just elementary of what can be use for. It will help bring one’s aquatic fantasies and imaginations to true life on its screen, 7 inch monitor, 65 feet cable, 12 V DC rechargeable battery, charger, and carrying case. A complete set up for your application.



- Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future use.
- Waning The monitor shouldn't’t be placed on a hot or cold surface. It is recommended to use the case & the foam that comes with your unit.
- Cautions Please check proper connections between monitor & camera. Wrong connection may result in damage of the monitor & camera.
- Do not expose monitor to rain and do not keep unit in damp places.
- Do not place monitor in direct sunlight.
- Always handle the monitor and the camera with care.
- Don’t place them in a location subject to shaking or vibration.
- Do not locate the monitor near radiators, ovens or other heat generating appliance and equipment.
- Leave at least a 2” space between the monitor and walls, cabinets and/or other objects to allow air circulation around the unit.
- When connecting the camera, the power of the monitor must be off.



1. Remote sensor
2. AV Selector
3. Image rotate/mirror
4. Menu
5. Adjustment key –
6. Adjustment key +
7. Power
Display 7 inch
Pixels 1440 X 234
Viewing angle (°) 65/65/40/65
Menu languages English
Power supply DC 12 V
Working temperature (°C) -10 ~+50
Storage temperature (°C) -20 ~+60


Camera Remote control

Remote control keys

Key 1: power on/off

Key 2: no function in this model

Key 3: not function in this model

Key 4: LED ON/OFF: press once, the LED are off; press again, the LED are on

Key 5: A-B subsection automatic scanning setting key: if you want to see the pictures between A and B repeatedly, under the A/C mode (which is automatically rotated), press A at your desired starting point, then press it again at your desired terminating point B. thus the CAM begins to revolve between A and B and the A/C control Function will be normal until your press the reset button. Once press SPEED and the rotary changes: the screen shows.
S (means the low speed)
SS (means the middle speed)
SSS (means the high speed), these are totally three situations.
(The level scales of rotary angles are: 0 - 365 ° and they can be controlled by hand)

Key 6: Automatic / manual switch
When you turn on the camera, it will be set into A/C auto controlled function. If you press key 5 and it will turn into C. C. W (the revolving counter – clockwise way), press it again it will stop revolving, the operation repeats like this. If you press key 7, it will enter into C. W. (the revolving clockwise way), press it again it will stop revolving. The operation repeats like this.

Key 7: SPEED / RIGHT: Under manual mode, press it, the camera will rotate to the right without stop; press again, it will stop rotating. Under automatic mode, presses once Sino-speed, press twice high speed, and press three times low speed. Press more it will cycle.

Key 8: No In USE (Temp & Depth meter don’t include on this model)

Key 9: RESET return key: Press the key the camera will be in the opening condition.

Key 10: OSD: Press once, the characters will display on the screen, press again, the character will disappear.


Key 1: Automatic / manual switch
Key 2: OSD: Press once, the characters will display on the screen, press again, the character will disappear.
Under manual mode, press it, the camera will rotate to the right without stop; press again, it will stop rotating. Under automatic mode, press once Sino-speed, press twice high speed, and press three times low speed. Press more it will cycle.
Key4:LED ON/OFF: press once, the LED is off; press again, the LED are on.
Key5: No In USE (Temp & Depth meter don’t include on this model)

3. How to Operate:

1) Cable connection

Way one: power supplied by the rechargeable battery.
Get the power form the rechargeable battery as the following note. Then connect the CAM POWER OUT PUT to the POWER IMPUT cable of the monitor to supply the power for the monitor. At last, connect the VIDEO OUPUT cable of the camera to the VIDEO INPUT cable of the monitor.

NOTE: the red (+) terminal is not connected to prevent discharge of the battery. Therefore, you must connect power (red) cable in to red (+) terminal on the Battery.
Please disconnect this cable when the system is not use.

RED: power source-link to red (+) terminal of battery.
BLACK: ground-Link to black (-) terminal of the battery.

Way two: power supplied by one adaptor

Connect the POWER INPUT cable of the camera to the adaptor to get power, and then connect the POWER OUTPUT cable of the camera to the POWER IMPUT of the monitor to supply the power for the monitor. As last, connect the VIDEO OUTPUT cable of the camera to the VIDEO IMPUT of the monitor.

Way three: the camera and the monitor also can get
Power from 2 adaptors or from the rechargeable battery and one adaptor individually, and then connect the VIDEO OUTPUT cable of the camera to the VIDEO INPUT of the

How to operate the underwater camera:

After you have connected the cables and the power is go ting through, then the initialization process of samples is:

All lights are off, nor showing any characters. Motor automatically turns left to the center with high speed.
Beneath the display, all the lights are on, and then there is a S” expressing the revolving speed.

1) Shutting and turning on the machine by suing infrared remote control red button, if you are using wire key board switch, you can turn on the machine by using the key switch lights boot. And the machine will be turning off by pressing two keys at the same time.
2) The black frame of ire remote control is to operate underwater camera. The black group corresponding group of a function, and the A-B keys are and additional functions keys in the AUTO running state, in order to choose between point A and B for both
Observation by return. When you want to look at 360 degrees within the A, B of the scenery, you can click AB key, and the screen will you “a”. You can wait until the camera point to B, click this button, the screen displayed a “B”, then the camera swing between the only a, B observation. WIRE keyboard keys have not enough buttons, so there is no corresponding functional operation.

1) Make sure not to reverse the polarity. It may cause permanent damage to both monitor and camera. The red power cable and black terminal of the battery respectively.

2) Please make sure to turn off the monitor and disconnect power cable from the battery after using it. Also wipe off any corrosion. This will ensure a clean contact between cables and terminals for future use.

3) Please remember to recharge the battery after using it, event if’s use for 15 minutes. You need to leave the battery connected to the charger overnight. Keep battery away from reach of children.

Take out the charger from the bag. Connect them to terminals from the charger to the battery (red with (+) black (-).plug charger into power socket. Charge begins. Leave least 4 hours for charge.

4) Cleaning after using
After using in the sea or reservoir, monitor and camera may have dirt like sand, mud and salty water. Please clean the camera/monitor according to the following method.

Cleaning Camera
Put the camera in clean water and clean the dirt. Be careful not to put connectors in the water. Do not use benzene, thinner, hot water or detergent.

Cleaning Monitor

Cleaning with slightly dam towel.
Do not use benzene, thinner, hot water or detergent
Do not put the monitor in water.
Be careful do not let the connectors get wet while is
Being exposed.

• Make sure that all cables are connected firmly. If not, poor picture quality or system failure may result.
• System cable has shielded wires and should not be cut. If the outer jacking of the cable is cut, moisture is allowed to enter the camera by means of suction or capillary action.
• Do not disassemble the water-resistant casing of the camera. There is a risk of electrical shock if you touch the internal parts. Should any liquid or solid object fall into the monitor cabinet, unplug the unit and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it further.

Use the monitor screen to troubleshoot the problem. Then look at probable cause and the recommended corrective action necessary.





Rolling picture

Monitor (horizontal control)

Replace monitor

Shrunk & unstable picture

Monitor (low voltage)

Check voltage source for proper voltage

Black picture


Check the fuses. If ok, check voltage source for DC 12V. if ok, check monitor power assembly for
loose or broken wires or
Connectors. If ok, replace the camera.

White picture


Check main system cable. Make sure all connectors are mate properly. If ok,
Replace camera.

White picture


Replace camera

Blurred picture

Road film, mud
water or ice on camera lens

Clean camera

Moisture in camera


Replace camera, ask for maintenance

Engine noise or static lines


Check ground and DC 12V source for solid connection.
Call tech support for assistance.

If you still have problems please contact our technical department at:

The imports world, Inc.
NAVROUTE technical support
14885 NE 20 Ave
North Miami Beach, FL 33181
Phone :( 305)787-5394
Fax: (305)787-5324

Limited warranty


During the warranty period, the warranty department will honor service for one year, parts and labor from the original buyer and the purchase date. See below for commercial, industrial or educational use coverage.


This warranty protects s the original consumer owner of this products or division product.


This warranty covers internal operating parts and service labor to repair or replace covered parts in this product for one year, parts and labor, from the date of purchase, with original proof of purchase with retailer receipt, defined as follows
a. Original consumer retail purchase;
b. First rental purchase agreement;
c. First lease purchase agreement (the “warranty Period”).

Labor and replacement parts supplied during the warranty period. The warranty department shall have no liability for service under this warranty if non-OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts are used in the repair of your product.


If service under the warranty is required, contact the warranty department. They will exchange the product or replace one found to be defective during the warranty period.

 You can contact the warranty department at:

The imports world, Inc.
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Commercial, industrial, educational or government users has the same warranty coverage as stated in this warranty.

• This warranty does cover:
a) Damage from misuse, abuse, neglect or accident, natural disasters or acts of acts of god.
b) Cabinetry, decorative parts, A/C adapters, Knobs or buttons.
c) The product which has been electronically or mechanically modified in any way or incorporated into other products.
d) Installation and setup service adjustments.
e) Owner instruction. Your owners guide provides information regarding operating instructions and user controls. For additional information, contact your authorized dealer.
• This exclusive limited warranty excludes all incidental and consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental and consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.
• All implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the duration of this warranty period. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
• This exclusive limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other right which varies from state to state.


A: Underwater camera with cable.
B: DC 12V battery charger
C: 12 V batteries
D: power cable (battery to case)
E: Case
F: 7” LCD Monitor

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